This was my debut for bigger Seattle crowd...  AMDEF 2010  I kinda blew their minds this day.


July 2011 this video is the largest amount of hits we've had on a video.  All outfits made by Sam St Michael.  Shot in Seattle, WA.  Featuring a Fetish Tea Party



AMDEF 2011 Shorten video of my set, Designs by Sam St Michael.  I choreograph all my shows.  My models are more than 'just models'.  They must be able to enjoy becoming a character in my designs.  Attitude is everything.  Fetish isn't about comfort, it's about desire, sensuality, sexuality and most importantly...  ATTITUDE!  Becoming something / someone that is desired and holding your attitude above it all.  Having fun in the moment and not giving a damn about main stream...  Because who really does anyway.

One of the many Fashion Shows I've done as Designs for Sam St Michael.  This one was Chance Fashion Show.

Sept 2015

Married the love of my life!

April 2016

Debut New Logo design and updating new website! 

2016 no saint gear

New Line, Coming soon!


oct 2000

Graduate from the New York Fashion Academy in Seattle, WA.

Feb 2004-March 2006
s n m Underworld...

Retail store of high end corsetry, lingerie, women & men's wear. 

time line

Sam st michael

NO SAINT GEAR: Fashion that empowers those of us who never seem to fit the 'Norm"...  Keep checking back, I'm just Re-Branding things now.  

I've been a leather worker for well over 20 years now.  Have dabbled in many things.  Clothing designer, fetish toy maker/manufacturer, retail shop owner S N M Underworld, Hoyden Gear, Designs by Sam St Michael.  Worked in Fremont as a Fitter for Dave Page Cobbler, apprenticed in Fort Worth, TX Stockyards at Ponder Boots making custom cowboy boots and more.  The boots are the 1 piece upper, which you can't get anywhere else except there.  *for now*

Contact me via email INFO@NOSAINTGEAR.COM  or visit my Etsy shop.

Formally Hoyden Gear customers Please visit the 'WHOLESALE' page, item not there?  Orders can still be FAXED to 888-270-9521

Want to send me an email regarding anything else?  Use the 'CONTACT' page.

no saint gear   aka HOYDEN GEAR, Designs by Sam St Michael

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